Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blog Revising

Attempting to revise a blog seemed like a great idea. I needed to update mine, redesign my pages and acquire a new look. And then I discovered blog education is something one needs to keep up with or much time is needed to re-educate in order to move forward.

I felt handicapped, especially after I decided to combine four blogs into one. I thought, "How hard could it be?" Apparently, this is difficult if you have different log-ins and different Google email accounts associated with the blogs. Now I'm wondering why I created different blogs in the first place.

I blame the blog names. I couldn't help myself. A blog name would enter my little brain and before I knew it I would hit the New Blog button to see if the name had been used. When the name was available I would get giddy and excited and before I knew it I had multiple blogs. I have Bantercurry Tells, Fiction is My Sword, A Still of Heaven, History in the Attic and a couple with my book titles. Sometimes I even duplicated my posts to the various blogs just so I had posts! Who does that?

As a teen I never created multiple journals; I wrote in one, until the lined pages were filled with my soul. Only then did I begin a new one. Now I find myself needing a time load of education to understand how to do what I need--if it's even possible.

Patience, I tell myself or I could hire a web designer. We shall see…As a last resort I could always start a new blog with tabs named after my old blogs. Hmmmm.

Friday, January 3, 2014

This Year I Turn 50!

This is the year I turn 50!

I'm coming to grips with this "advancement" slowly. For example, this past month I realized that when I comment to strangers, randomly, while in line at the grocery store when I forgot something vital on my list and mention it must be due to my up and coming age of 50, they no longer say, "Really? Fifty? I never would have guessed."

Instead they're nodding--in pity.

There must be a reason for these pitiful nods. This past week I decided that my 16x magnification Makeup mirror with its bright light may magnify my wrinkles to such proportion it renders them out of existence to my eyes. So I put on my new reading spectacles and glanced into a "normal" mirror. It was a good thing my voice box was hoarse from my two-week flu virus or my scream might have scared the neighbors. But the macrocosm of hoarseness that sounded like a semi-truck reducing its gears did scare Cuteness, my Yorkie. I haven't seen him for days.

With that said, and after deciding the cold medicine I took to dry out my flu symptoms had not created the cracked desert look appearing under my eyes, I'd stop competing with time and use my time more w-i-s-e-l-y.

We've all heard people say that 50 is the new 40. I'm actually hoping for the new 30, because I have lots of "stuff" to do with this wiser use of my allotted time and would enjoy the youthful feeling of having an extra 20 years. Stuff such as complete the last few classes for my college degree, find an agent, an editor and a publisher for my books, keep up in my blogging and writing, find the names of my husband's great-great-grandpa's parents, exercise, and become more competent in French. Whew! I guess it's a good thing that the man of my dreams, who I married over half-my-life-ago, and I will be empty-nesters in a few months.

This year of turning 50, I challenge myself to banter with more fun and enjoyment, to blog several times a week as an outlet away from the strict confines I usually put on myself and write with no worries. My time commitments are limited for my posts, but extensive for my manuscripts and submissions. This is a wise juggle of my time because I can have both the kudos of writing more posts and the accomplishment of getting another novel completed. Of course it would also be nice to find one of my manuscripts published before the big B-day!

Using time wisely is a give and take. To take time from things most important and highly valued like family gives me regret. To take time from less important things, for me this could be searching the internet or watching television, gives me the time to accomplish the worthy goals that I choose of spending time with family and on those goals listed above.

This is a great time of year to write out goals, and with the big 5-0 on my horizon I feel even more committed and driven to focus and accomplish them. Time will tell.

Happy New Year to you and may you receive much enjoyment from writing and accomplishing your 2014 goals. Oh…and feel free to comment on how extremely vibrant and young I look!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Anyone Else Have a "FOCUSING" Problem?

During the past year or two I have started several blogs, but only wrote a couple posts in each; wrote a book, but only sent it to three editors; started four more books, drafted one screenplay and started two other screenplays. And, all of these span different genres.

My mind is a creative nightmare, or rather a CREATING nightmare!

Of course my kids are encouraging this ruckus with one daughter married last July and the next one tying the knot in 5 weeks.

AND, get this: last September my husband and I decided to downsize our home. We talked about this to some friends and neighbors. Without even listing our home with a Realtor we had a family come look. Maybe they liked the tree views from the sunroom, or floor to ceiling bookshelves in the library, or maybe they liked the theater room and second kitchen. OR maybe, they were the FOCUSING kind of people who could make a quick decision, because they bought and we were moved out and living in my sister's basement within 3 weeks! In THIS market too! WHEW.

We're now looking forward to building a smaller, Craftsman style home. Personally, I'm hoping the whole process will help me to focus better and make decisions faster. It better, or we'll be living in my sister's basement a long time.

Now. . . where was I going with all this?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kids in College, Anyone?

We have two daughters attending a certain University up North. It's out of state and we don't see them often, but text or talk, every day (sometimes every hour) (twice, one of them called the home phone and one my cell phone--at the same time) They don't plan this.

They like to get our opinions on EVERYTHING, AND then NOT do any of our suggestions. This is all right, they eventually learn that our suggestions were actually good and they act on them, but, they have become THEIR suggestions by that point. Yep, they are becoming adults!

I like change, and have said so. But, when my phone rings and I see that it's one of my daughters, I cringe. Chances are they have changed their minds about something we spoke about only moments ago.

During the past week, Pip has wanted me to contact my sources and help her get a job at a child-care facility, informed me that she has an in for a job in a nearby city, that she wants to be a Nanny back East, be a nanny in Germany, get her job back at the shoe sales store, stay at school and work, AND during the last hour we received the following texts:

Pip: I’m going to apply for DisneyWorld
Us: Maybe you can be Donald Duck?
Pip: They have a college program that fits my track system and my roommate is applying too.
Us: You might make a better Goofy.
Pip: HaHa, Whatever. I am serious this time. I am applying right now! You told me to find a job. What’s a better place than the “happiest place on earth”?
Us: Sounds great.
Pip: I know! It’s kinda like a Study Abroad program cuz it’s Disney WORLD, but, you get paid!!
Us: We certainly can’t argue with that…

Oh, to be a college student, single and have your whole life ahead of you. I remember those days. I believe she is a lot like how I was. With that in mind I know she will eventually settle down. And in the meantime she will drive her parents crazy with the wonder of it all. I know I did.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do You Sell Prince Albert in a Can?

My daughter, Pip and I sat in church watching a little boy play with a folded up paper, like origami, where his fingers fit into the slots and he asked, "Pick a number" then counted; and then he asked, "Pick a color" and spelled out the color; then he asked a question and had the answer revealed under a folded corner.

Pip exclaimed how she played the same game when she was younger--not that she's that old now--and 35+ years ago, I played it too. And, in much the same fashion.

This got us thinking...How many generations of kids have played the same Urban games?

How about the "string game?" My daughter calls it "Cat in a cradle". We explained the game to my mom and she remembered it as well.

"Ring around the Rosies" has been around since the plague. How fun that must have been.

How about the Urban rhyme sung while jumping rope:
"Cinderella, dressed in Yella, Went upstairs to kiss a fella. Made a mistake and kissed a snake, how many doctors (or stitches) did it take?"

My mom didn't remember that one, but she did remember the kissing game and spin the bottle.

Have you ever met the King of Siam and had to chant OWA TANA SIAM, faster and faster; or have you been in the desert with a blanket on you and had to remove something so you wouldn't die of dehydration? Always funny as the clothing came out from under the blanket when common sense should have screamed, "TAKE OFF THE BLANKET, IDIOT!"

My book club talked about how they had a group "Doorbell ditching" last weekend, and dare we mention "Chinese Fire-drills"--a car load of teens did one in front of my car a couple weeks ago--they laughed and ran until the light turned green and piled back in their little Chevy Shove-it and drove off.

Is it as much a relief to you as it is to me that some nuances of childhood remain the same in the fast paced world of today?

One thing that has not stood the test of time is prank phone calls. THANK YOU MR. CALLER ID. So your refrigerator is probably running, but you don't need to catch it. And, you probably don't sell Prince Albert in a can.

I hope to play Hide-n-seek with my grandchildren and swing on the swings and have them say, "We're married Grandma." I hope to watch and listen to them enjoying jump rope and hopscotch rhymes. And... I'll be grateful to have these precious little moments free from the distractions and hindrances of technology. Some things were not meant to be changed.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fiction is my Sword

I have another blog titled Fiction is My Sword. It's my "writing blog". Be sure and trot on over to find out about the Caveman Summit!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Take on the LDStorymakers Conference

I can't believe that I have waited this long to go to a writers conference. It was fab-u-lous to meet all these wonderful people that are like me--in a writing world.

I now have a strategic list of things to do to improve my writing and more importantly; a great group of friends that have the same goal I have of getting published.

I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to drink my diet coke openly in a conference such as this. You've probably seen those--take a sip from the brown bag type of people. That would be me. But for lunch almost ALL they had was caffeinated drinks. What was I so worried about? After all, everyone there were writers, probably up at all hours of the night writing and thus addicted to the sip-n-write-n-stay-alert drink of choice--at least for Mormons.

One of my favorite quotes from the conference was from Dan Wells: "How do people without insomnia get anything done?" My thoughts exactly!

I was also overly anxious about the manuscript review I had with Krista Marino an editor with Delacorte Press. She gave me ideas about where my book stands in the marketplace as well as lines to re-work and character ideas. It was a great learning experience and I would definitely recommend that anyone going to a writing conference with the chance to sign up for a review or a pitch session to DO IT! Agents and editors are not scary people. They want us to succeed as writers.

My work is cut out for me. This week, between cleaning out those blasted planters out back (I swear I purchased magically spawning flower pots they appeared so perfect in the store--they're not--they are a spider-toting-weed-infested-spawn-of-the-devil-by-springtime-pot) and I need to get my pool ready to open, should I even mention what that is like?

Maybe just one thing: I find when I open the cover that those 8 legged creatures from the pots tend to enjoy a good swim thus gravitating to the water where they dive in and swell up to probably thirty times their natural size during the winter. Do you know what that does to an arachnophobe? My hands are shaking just typing up the description. My stomach is doing a butterfly thing. I stopped breathing while writing this. Enough about that.

This week, after I get those things I said done, or hired out to my son who owes me because he went to Boondocks, then I will begin another draft of my manuscripts using all the new info I learned at the conference, starting with the invaluable reviews done on my first chapters.

Cheers to all you writers out there and my new friends. Loved the conference, loved meeting inspiring people and loved the input and suggestions I received. Now, I'm gonna get to work, processing and using all that advice I learned.

It was a dark and stormy night...Oh wait: SHOW DON"T TELL

The absent sound of computer keys grew less noticeable as her breath drew inward with shock...